Do you feel trapped by escalating debt?

Do you feel you are being misled by not only creditors but also debt relief providers?

Are you looking for truthful, factual information concerning your debt, creditors and debt relief providers? 

Discover the 5 truths of debt relief

Truth #1

The system is designed to trap you and keep you in perpetual debt.

Creditors and collectors routinely add unauthorized fees, penalties and interest to debt balances.  

Most consumers respond to this scam in one of two ways.

They either lack understanding of how to legally challenge the bogus increases in their balances, which allows creditors to pocket easy profits . . .


They become angry and upset by the higher balances.  In their anger, they call their creditors to challenge the unauthorized charges. 

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Truth #2: 

By calling creditors, consumers fall into their trap! 

Keep in mind, creditors are in control when they have consumers – who are frustrated and anxious over escalating balances – on the telephone.  To get the excess charges removed, most consumers will agree to resume their monthly payments.

In either of the two responses above, creditors win!

But the Debt Trap does not stop here!

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Truth #3: 

Aside from being trapped by creditors, consumers are often deceived or mislead by illegitimate Debt Relief Providers.

The vast majority of Debt Relief Providers/Programs are NOT CAPABLE of rendering their intended results. Due to a lack of exposure and experience with Debt Relief protocols, most consumers are unprepared and therefore unable to recognize the few legitimate Debt Relief Programs.

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Truth #4:

Consumers, who enroll in less than legitimate debt relief programs, typically end up being sued by creditors. 

This leaves most consumers with no choice but to retain legal counsel – an attorney.  This is yet another expense for consumers whose debt balances are already out of control.

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Truth #5: 

Most consumers typically end up back to where they started, but now they must make monthly payments on even higher debt balances.

As already discussed, debt balances have escalated due to:

  • Late fees, penalties, and interest (much of which are unauthorized)
  • The monthly cost of a Debt Relief Program
  • The expense of an attorney to defend against law suits

Not that you have learned the truth about Creditors and Debt Relief Providers are you ready for a solution that does not require further cost or expense?

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How Violations Recovery Debt Relief Works

Creditors and collectors may be willing to pay you for their violations of your rights, as well as to forgive your debt obligations

Creditors and collectors routinely violate your rights under the Consumer Protection Laws.  Please be advised – laws are in place to protect you from the mishandling of collections, credit reporting and billing. These laws carry monetary penalties payable to you, the consumer, whose rights have been violated.  In addition to compensating you, creditors and collectors are often willing to forgive debt obligations in full.

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With your help our staff will construct Evidence Files of your creditors violations of your rights. Your only cost is a $60 monthly fee to compensate us for preparation of your evidence files.

The 5 Step Process


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Why should I trust Relieve Your Debt?

Doug Johnson, the founder and operator of Relieve Your Debt, has more experience (23 years) in the Debt Relief industry than any other Consumer Advocate.

He, and his staff, are committed to defusing misleading information disseminated by popular financial advisors, whose advice is influenced by government agencies, educational institutions, large corporations and the mainstream media.

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When I jumped into the deep waters..

When I jumped into the deep waters of credit card debt, hoping not to drown, I was rescued by Doug Johnson, a true lifesaver. He took the time and trouble to sift through the good, the bad and the ugly choices and kept at it and stayed with me until I was safely on the road to relief, and even beyond. Doug is knowledgeable, experienced, thoughtful, and smart. He’s also patient, kind, responsive, honest and ethical. I am so grateful to have stumbled upon him. I can’t imagine what I would have done otherwise.
Ellen, New York

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