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Bank of America Accused of Violating Loan Modification Agreement

The State of Nevada is now seeking to proceed with a suit against Bank of America over allegations of deceptive lending, as well as its marketing and loan servicing practices. Read the NYT story here..

Ring of Law Firms Prosecuted for Charging Homeowners Thousands

This is a new twist to organized crime: California has identified and prosecuted a “ring of law firms” that charged homeowners thousands of dollars each to file lawsuits against their mortgage lenders. The suit happened because of a legislative ban which prohibits law firms and other relief services to require advance fees for loan modification services. The full story here..

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Consumer Beware!

Christian consumers beware! We are warned to stay away from them by debt relief experts on radio, television and the internet! They have an “F” rating at the Better Business Bureau! Laws have recently been passed to prevent them from scamming us!

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The Debt Trap

Have you seen “Brave Heart,” the movie with actor Mel Gibson? Gibson plays the role of William Wallace, a 13th century common man who rallied his fellow citizens to fight for their freedom against a cruel English ruler determined to inherit the crown of Scotland.

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