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Who is Doug Johnson?

Doug Johnson has recently come out of retirement as a Consumer Advocate, Investigative Journalist, Talk Radio Show Host, Researcher, Lecturer and Author.  

Doug Johnson – Consumer Advocate

What does Doug Johnson do?

To dispel the myths and misinformation that permeate the debt relief industry, Doug provides truthful, factual, unbiased information based on his research. To that end, he has devoted 23 years to evaluating debt relief companies and firms. The results of his research, which includes the companies and firms he recommends, as well as those he does not recommend, will soon be available on this site.

Why should I trust Doug’s opinions? What are his credentials?

Doug has more experience (23 years) in the Debt Relief industry than any other Consumer Advocate.

Doug has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Public Relations-Journalism from the University of Alabama. Other than that, he does not have letters behind his name. But keep in mind, the people with many degrees and many letters behind their names are the ones who are deceiving the public.

Since college, Doug has been committed to defusing misleading information disseminated by popular financial advisors, whose advice is influenced by government agencies, educational institutions, large corporations and the mainstream media.

Doug makes record of the opinions of consumers and homeowners who call his office each month. He also utilizes the services of a private investigator team that conducts background investigations of the principles of debt relief companies and firms.

How does Doug profit?

As a true Consumer Advocate, Doug is not compensated by his clients.  Instead, he is compensated by law firms for his work in developing Evidence Files on behalf of his clients. 

Is Doug available for a personal consultation?

Yes, please provide information concerning your situation and goals by completing the Personal Consultation Form. Please indicate the best time for Doug to contact you for a 10 to 15 minute FREE consultation.

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