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"Not only did he help me find firms who would truly help me, but he is also helping to make sure that these people follow through on their promises. He is a Godsend in my opinion and I am truly grateful. Thanks!"

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Are you struggling to pay your student loan debt?

Are you wondering if the loan institute is honest and reputable?

Doug Johnson - Debt Relief Advocates

Doug is a consumer advocate, investigative journalist, talk radio show host, researcher, lecturer and author.

Hi, I’m Doug Johnson. I have spent the past 15 years evaluating and testing companies and firms so you don’t get scammed by illegitimate and dishonest people! If you have student loan debt, it’s likely that I can help you pay less and eliminate your debt sooner without damaging your credit.

I’m different in that I’ve located legitimate providers who can help you at no cost to you. You pay nothing out of pocket and my evaluation is also free. Simply complete the form below and I’ll be in touch to see if I can help you shrink or eliminate your student loan debt. I can especially get you relief if you feel the company you are paying is operating a scam.

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How can you determine if a company or firm is honest and reputable? “You can’t!” Most debt and mortgage relief companies and firms will not provide you with written documentation to verify the efficacy of their service, and they will most likely not allow you to speak to their clients. Other than checking with the Better Business Bureau, you have no means of determining if you will be scammed by them. But I constantly educate myself on current legislation, lawsuits, and services specifically related to student loan debt.

As a Consumer Advocate, whose influence is felt via e-books, articles, lectures, radio shows, and interviews on numerous television shows . . . my opinion of a debt or mortgage relief company or law firm, could make or break them. As a result, they will cooperate in providing me with written documentation to verify the efficacy of their claims, or risk becoming a Scam Story on my web site.

In addition to written documentation, I also rely on feedback from the hundreds of calls and emails I receive each week from consumers and homeowners, and when needed, an experienced private investigator team conducts background investigations of the principles or owners.

I encourage you to take advantage of my research, resources and experience by using the form above to contact me about your student loan.